Deca-Durabolin Solution for injection

Deca-Durabolin is an injectable anabolic preparation. The decanoate ester gives the preparation a duration of action of about 3 weeks after injection.

Nandrolone is chemically related to the male hormone. Compared to testosterone, it has an enhanced anabolic and a reduced androgenic activity. This has been demonstrated in animal bioassays and explained by receptor-binding studies. The low androgenicity of nandrolone is confirmed in clinical use.
In humans, Deca-Durabolin has been shown to positively influence calcium metabolism and to increase bone mass in osteoporosis. In women with disseminated mammary carcinoma, Deca-Durabolin has been reported to produce objective regressions for many months. Furthermore, Deca-Durabolin has nitrogen-saving action. This effect on protein metabolism has been established by metabolic studies and is utilized therapeutically in conditions where a protein deficiency exists eg, during chronic debilitating diseases and after major surgery and severe trauma. In these conditions, Deca-Durabolin serves as a supportive adjunct to specific therapies and dietary measures as well as parenteral nutrition.
Androgenic effects (eg, virilisation) are relatively uncommon at the recommended dosages. Nandrolone lacks the C-17α-alkyl group which is associated with the occurrence of liver dysfunction and cholestasis.

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What is in this leaflet

This leaflet answers some common questions about Deca-Durabolin.
It does not contain all the available information.
It does not take the place of talking to your doctor or pharmacist.
All medicines have risks and benefits. Your doctor has weighed the risks of you using Deca-Durabolin against the benefits they expect it will have for you.
A doctor’s prescription is required to obtain this medicine.
If you have any concerns about using this medicine, ask your doctor or pharmacist.
Read all of this leaflet carefully before you start using this medicine because it contains important information for you.
Keep this information with the pack.
You may need to read it again.
This medicine has been prescribed for you only. Do not pass it on to others. It may harm them, even if their signs of illness are the same as yours.
If you get any side effects talk to your doctor or pharmacist. This includes any possible side effects not listed in this leaflet.

What Deca-Durabolin is used for

Deca-Durabolin is a clear yellow oily solution for injection containing 50 mg/ml of the active ingredient nandrolone decanoate.

It is used to treat:

osteoporosis (loss of bone tissue)
certain types of anaemia
breast cancer (in women)
patients on long term corticosteroids.
It belongs to a group of medicines known as anabolic steroids.
These medicines help to rebuild tissues that have become weak because of continuing illness or serious injury. Deca-Durabolin can be used to increase lean body mass in the case of negative nitrogen balance. It can also be used to increase bone mass and stimulate the formation of red blood cells in the bone marrow.
Your doctor may have prescribed it for another reason.
Ask your doctor if you have any questions about why this medicine has been prescribed for you.
Ability to drive or operate machinery.
As far as is known, Deca-Durabolin has no adverse effect on driving and using machines.

Before you use Deca-Durabolin

Do not use Deca-Durabolin if:

you are a man and have or have had cancer of the prostate or the breast,or are suspected of having one of these tumours. You also should have had an examination by your physician to exclude any abnormalities of the genital organs.
you have kidney disease
you have liver disease
you have heart failure
you are allergic to nandrolone decanoate, or any of the ingredients listed at the end of this leaflet
you are allergic to peanuts or soya
you are a child below the age of 3 years
it is past the expiry date or the packaging shows signs of tampering.

Do not use this medicine if you are pregnant or think you may be pregnant.

It may give increased male characteristics to an unborn baby and should not be used during pregnancy.

Do not breastfeed if you are using this medicine.

It may have a virilising effect on your baby and the amount of active ingredient excreted in breast milk is unknown.


The acute toxicity of nandrolone decanoate in animals is very low. There are no reports of acute overdosage with Deca-Durabolin in humans.


Known or suspected prostatic carcinoma or mammary carcinoma in the male.
Use in pregnancy & lactation: Deca-Durabolin is contraindicated during pregnancy because of possible masculinisation of the foetus. There are insufficient data on the use of this medicine during breastfeeding to assess potential harm to the infant or a possible influence on milk production.

Special Precautions

If signs of virilisation develop, discontinuation of the treatment should be considered, preferably in consultation with the patient.


It is recommended to monitor patients with any of the following conditions: Latent or overt cardiac failure, renal and hepatic dysfunction, hypertension, epilepsy, diabetes or migraine (or a history of these conditions), since anabolic steroids may occasionally induce fluid retention; incomplete statural growth, since anabolic steroids in high dosages may accelerate epiphyseal closure; skeletal metastases of breast carcinoma. In these patients, hypercalcaemia may develop both spontaneously and as a result of anabolic steroid therapy. The latter can be indicative of a positive tumour response to the hormonal treatment. Nevertheless, the hypercalcaemia should first be treated appropriately and after restoration of normal calcium levels, hormone therapy can be resumed; liver dysfunction.The use of anabolic steroids to enhance athletic ability may carry severe risks to the user’s health and should be discouraged.

Before you are given it

Tell your doctor if you have allergies to any other medicines, foods, preservatives or dyes.
Medical checks may also be necessary in some other cases. Therefore, before you start using this medicine you must tell your doctor or pharmacist if you ever had, still have or are suspected to have:

  • prostate disorders
  • liver disease, such as jaundice
  • heart disease
  • high blood pressure
  • kidney disorders
  • Kidney or lung cancer
  • high or low cholesterol
  • epilepsy
  • migraine, headaches
  • diabetes mellitus
  • heparin therapy
  • breast cancer that has spread to your bones.
  • Prostatic complaints, such as problems with passing urine

Taking other medicines

Tell your doctor or pharmacist if you are taking, have recently taken, or might take any other medicines including any that you get without a prescription from your pharmacy, supermarket or health food shop.
Other medicines may influence the effects of Deca-Durabolin, or Deca-Durabolin may affect other medicines. Therefore you must tell your doctor or pharmacist if you are using or about to use
Anticoagulants or medicines used to prevent blood clots.
Hypoglycaemic agents or medicines used to treat diabetes such as insulin or medicines to control your blood sugar levels
Erythropoietin (medicine to reduce anemia).
The use of anabolic steroids like Deca-Durabolin may lead to a reduction of the doses of these medicines.
Also tell your doctor or pharmacist if you are using or about to use the hormone ACTH or corticosteroids (used to treat various conditions such as rheumatism, arthritis, allergic conditions and asthma). The use of anabolic steroids like Deca-Durabolin may increase the risk of water retention especially if your heart and liver are not working properly.
Anabolic steroids may also affect the results of some laboratory tests (e.g. thyroid gland). Therefore you must tell your doctor or the laboratory staff performing the tests that you are using this medicine.
These medicines may be affected by Deca-Durabolin or may affect how well it works. You may need different amounts of your medicines, or you may need to take different medicines.

Using Deca-Durabolin with food and drink

This medicine can be injected without taking consideration of meals and drinks.
In order for this medicine to work properly to rebuild tissues weakened by injury or illness, it is important that you follow strictly any possible diet measures as directed by your doctor or dietician.

How Deca-Durabolin is given

The dosage depends on the severity of your condition and the response to treatment. Your doctor will find the correct dosage for you. The doctor will also make any dose adjustments depending on your individual requirements. Usually, one injection every 2-3 weeks is sufficient
Deca-Durabolin is given as a deep injection into a muscle (such as the buttock, upper leg or upper arm). These injections should only be given by a doctor or trained nurse.
If you have the impression that the effect of this medicine is too strong or too weak, talk to your doctor or a nurse immediately.

If you are given too much

These injections are given under medical supervision and it is very unlikely that you will be given too much.
Your doctor or nurse will inject this medicine into you. If you have the impression that the effect of this medicine is too strong then please talk to your doctor or nurse immediately.
If several doses are given at once it is not a medical emergency. However you should consult your doctor as side-effects are dependent on dosage, dose interval and your individual sensitivity.

If you forgot to get your injection of Deca-Durabolin:

Your doctor or nurse will inject this medicine into you. Should you miss a scheduled injection then please talk to your doctor or nurse as soon as possible. No double dose should be injected to make up for forgotten individual doses.

While you are given Deca-Durabolin

Things you must do
If you become pregnant while taking this medicine, tell your doctor.
If you are about to be started on any new medicine, tell your doctor and pharmacist that you are taking Deca-Durabolin.
If you are about to have any blood tests, tell your doctor that you are taking this medicine.
If you notice any signs of masculinization (for instance lowering of the voice or facial hair growth), consult your doctor immediately.
Treatment with anabolic steroids may increase the size of the prostate gland, especially in elderly men. Therefore your doctor will examine your prostate gland at regular intervals by digital rectal examination (DRE) and blood tests for prostate-specific antigen (PSA).
Additionally, at regular intervals, blood tests will be done to check the oxygen-carrying substance in your red blood cells (hemoglobin). In very rare cases the number of red blood cells will increase too much leading to complications.
Things that may help your condition
Some self help measures may help your condition. Your doctor or pharmacist can give you more information.
Your doctor may advise you to change your diet. This is because Deca-Durabolin works best in helping to repair and replace your damaged tissue, bone or red blood cells when you are eating a high protein, and nutritious diet.

Side Effects

All medicines can have side effects. Sometimes they are serious, most of the time they are not. Do not be alarmed by the following list of side effects. You may not experience any of them.
Tell your doctor or pharmacist if you notice any of the following and they worry you:

In general:

  • pain at the injection site
  • fluid retention e.g. swelling of the ankles or feet
  • increased blood pressure
  • oily skin, greasy hair
  • acne, rash
  • itching
  • nausea
  • increased blood fats
  • abnormal liver function
  • increased or decreased sexual desire
  • liver anatomy changes
  • incomplete statural growth.

In males:

  • enlargement of the penis
  • enlargement of the breast
  • difficulty to urinate (growth of the prostate)
  • disturbed formation of sperm
  • painful erections
  • testicular atrophy
  • impotence.

In females:

  • hoarseness or changes of the voice, which may be long-lasting or permanent
  • increased body or facial hair
  • irregular periods (or complete absence of periods)
  • enlargement of the clitoris
  • masculinisation.

Due to the nature of Deca-Durabolin side effects cannot be quickly reversed by discontinuing medication. Injectables in general, may cause local reaction at the injection site.

Tell your doctor if you notice any other side effects.

Other side effects not listed in this leaflet also occur in some people.

Adverse Reactions

High dosages, prolonged treatment and/or too frequent administration may cause virilisation which appears in sensitive women as hoarseness, acne, hirsutism and increase of libido; in prepubertal boys, as an increased frequency of erections and phallic enlargement, and in girls, as an increase of pubic hair and clitoral hypertrophy. Hoarseness may be the first symptom of vocal change which may end in a long-lasting, sometimes irreversible deepening of the voice.
Amenorrhoea and inhibition of spermatogenesis. Premature epiphyseal closure.Fluid retention.

Drug Interactions

Anabolic steroids may improve glucose tolerance and decrease the need for insulin or other antidiabetic medicines in diabetics.

After Using Deca-Durabolin

Effects when treatment with Deca-Durabolin is stopped:

The effects of this medicine do not stop immediately after discontinuation, but gradually subside.
When treatment with this medicine is stopped, complaints such as those experienced before treatment may re-occur within a few weeks.
If you have any further questions on the use of this medicine, ask your doctor or pharmacist.