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Methods of Waste Disposal for Proper Sanitation

It is often good to check the health of a living thing that stays or lives near you. Proper health care carries a wide range of benefits. All the activities that will enhance proper health including drinking of purified water as well as the practice of proper disposal of waste are known as sanitation. In sanitation all the activities that lead too good hygiene whether they are the smallest activities such as cleaning of hands or making sure that all places that human beings use in cooking are all methods of good sanitation. In proper sanitation, water is faced as the main component. a variety of diseases can be caused by having water that is contaminated with the bacteria thus water plays a very big role in good sanitation. Water will also help in maintaining a good ecosystem where plants and animals will cohabit with minimal health disturbance. the practice of a good sanitation will involve as well having good hygiene where one cannot have one without the other.

There are a number of methods that will help in sanitation where some of the main ones will include, filtration, landfills ecological and recycling. Ecological as a method of proper sanitation is where the waste that is disposed of is done in a manner that will not affect the environment.

Water is one of the carriers of the diseases that are contaminated through the fluid hence filtration will help the water to be fit for human and animal use. The filtration process is one which involves a number of series in the concrete where we have the sand, gravel and the under grain which will aid in the filtering, preventing the sand from getting in and the storage area respectively.

The most successful and cheapest way of having waste removed is through the landfills. All the waste products in the landfills will be made sure that they are buried underneath. The garbage collectors will get their wastes from different locations and take it to that specified landfill for disposal.

Recycling is found to be the best methods of proper sanitation. The process creates a product from existing waste thus making the process the best. mainly the process will involve drinks containers and food cans.

proper sanitation will help the people in a community to have good health. Every person must, therefore, take a role in ensuring we have a clean environment. Proper sanitation can be done through education awareness to the society. Disposing of waste at the designated areas which has been made easier by litter bins that are strategically placed in a given area.

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