How Technology Improves How Brain Tumors Are Removed

There are nearly 600 neurological disorders known. A neurological disorder occurs when there is dysfunction in the brain or nervous system that leads to a person having physical or psychological symptoms. A disorder can affect varies aspects of a person such as movement, communication, thought process, and many other things. A disorder that affects certain parts of the brain will show symptoms regarding what the part of the brain controls. For example, if a disorder affects the part of the brain that controls speech, the symptom will affect the person’s ability to speak. There are a few ways certain disorders are diagnosed.

Diagnosis of Some Neurological Disorders

Many neurological disorders los angeles ca have signs of that will appear during the early developmental stages of a child. There will be some cases a diagnosis can occur at birth. There will be occasions when the diagnosis of a disorder will not occur too much later. The symptoms can appear:

  • Infection could happen
  • Brain injury occurs
  • Development is poor or missed altogether
  • Genetic

There will be occasions disorders are considered congenital. Congenital means the disorder was there at birth, but there are some disordered may be caused by incident or infection. Infection that causes a disorder normally translates to the disorder was acquired instead of being present at birth. Infection can be severe to cause the neurological disorder. When accidents happened and lead to a brain injury, it can also cause a disorder to occur. Poor to no child development is an indicator that there is a possible neurological disorder present in the child. There are some disorders that can be inherited from one of the parents. Gene and chromosome abnormalities can occur that could cause disorders. There are several other ways neurological disorder can happen such as metabolic disorder and congenital malformation.

Most Common Neurological Disorders

Alzheimer’s and dementia are conditions that will affect a person’s memory and their ability to think. There is no cure for the disorder, but there is a treatment to help improve the quality of life. Epilepsy is a disorder that causes seizures. The seizures are caused by abnormal electrical activity in the brain. Multiple Sclerosis affects insulation layer of nerve cells until the layer is destroyed. Once this occurs a person is easier to contract a disease. MS is considered an autoimmune disease. Parkinson Disease will cause tremors in the extremities. The tremors are caused because the body begins to lose dopamine-producing brain cells. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) causes the brain to lose connection with muscle. As motor neurons degrade and die, it causes the brain loses control of the muscle. The muscle will eventually get smaller because the neurons are not being nourished or lost altogether.

Technology Helps With Few Neurological Disorders

For many disorders, there are no known cures. There will be an occasion will do the best they can to make patients comfortable. The use of brain mapping is helping doctors remove various brain tumors without endangering body functions controlled by the brain. Brain mapping will provide a surgeon with a 3D image to help the doctor remove a brain tumor with damaging a person’s functions. Cyberknife allows the use of targeted radiation to rid the body of tumors and lesions. It can be used to treat the spine and spinal cord.