Cabergoline in bodybuilding

Cabergoline: form, use, reviews

The active ingredient cabergoline is a dopamine receptor agonist. Its main effect is to suppress the levels of prolactin, a peptide hormone. It can lower blood pressure, increase libido and erection. Recovery after intercourse is much shorter due to the enlargement of the erectile tissue.

The peptide hormone affects mood, but its composition is directly related to behavior. This creates a kind of vicious circle. If a man is depressed, prolactin production increases, if he is happy, the increase in dopamine significantly reduces the synthesis of the hormone.

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In what forms is cabergoline made?

The fabric is sold under the following brand names:

  • “Agalate”
  • “Alactine”
  • “Bergolak”
  • “Dostinex”
  • “Cambasser”

Low prolactin in men

Against the background of an increased level of testosterone, a representative of the strong half of humanity feels significantly stronger and more confident. He becomes polygamous, he cannot make concessions and concessions. Thanks to low prolactin, a man stops being dependent on public opinion, becomes mentally more stable.

The reduction in peptide hormone has a positive effect on the sexual aspect of a man’s life, reducing the recovery time between sexual acts. There is also an increase in the size of the penis and testicles.

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Use of Cabergoline in bodybuilding

The substance is usually taken in courses with trenbolone and nandrolone. The dosage depends on your hormone levels. If normal, the dose is 0.25 mg every four days, when increasing, every other day until normal, and then the classic (typical) regime. Taking cabergoline with steroids can eliminate swelling of the muscles and face. Bodybuilders usually take the substance in the form of Dostinex.

A slightly different dosing option involves the use of a substance without taking drugs with progestogen activity. This course will enable you to improve your overall quality of life and productivity. Such a scheme implies taking the substance at 0.5 mg every 10 days. Cabergoline is also used by natural bodybuilders who want to improve their performance without AAC. In such a case, the doses are taken much smaller.

You shouldn’t interfere.

Too low prolactin has the opposite effect, it is fraught with reduced body resistance, loss of appetite and depression. If such an effect occurs, it is necessary to continue the course with lower doses and frequencies of administration until you stop using cabergoline.

Dostinex is also used in post cycle therapy when prolactin levels are elevated. Used no more than once a week at 0.25 mg.

Dostinex reviews

Athletes who take the active substance in the form of Dostinex note its positive effect on both sex life and character. A man gains self-confidence, his mood does not change, libido increases. Some bodybuilders notice the effects of burning fat and increasing muscle mass. In addition, all users emphasize that the mood has improved significantly.

Do not forget the sense of proportion and harmony in the dosage. If you neglect the tips, the side effects will definitely manifest themselves. Non-compliance with the recommended rules for taking the drug becomes the main reason why some athletes who overdose leave negative reviews.