Why You Should Consider Yoga

Yoga is a practice dating back almost 5,000 years. Starting in India, yoga was a practice to help connect a person’s body and mind. Nowadays, yoga is very popular. People from all walks of life, spend time doing yoga for multiple reasons.

There are a few different kinds of yoga, and they all vary somewhat. Hatha yoga is the most popular in America. It is built around poses and breathing. This is what many people think of when they hear the word yoga. Bikram yoga is another common discipline. Also known as hot yoga, yogi’s will perform a set of poses in a very hot room. The workout can be intense, and has a cleansing effect, both mentally and physically.

The different stretches and yoga poses were intended to connect your mind and your body. This is what the discipline was founded on. Today, many people do some yoga san diego ca for similar reasons. Yoga can be quite intense depending on the type. It requires a lot of focus to maintain the poses. Because of that focus, yoga is a great way to check out from the world. In the moment you are focused on your breathing and holding the poses, compared to what’s happening on social media, or some other daily stressor. It is a time to focus on what is happening now in the moment. This perspective can leak into your everyday life the more yoga you do. Many people report benefits such as reduced anxiety and stress. A lot of studies also show a correlation between yoga and better sleep. With reduced stress levels, along with the physical activity, many yogi’s report better sleep. Yoga is built on a mind and body connection. Due to the level of concentration and physical exertion involved, people report a deeper connection with oneself and their body.

One of the most practical and less talked about reasons to do yoga is the workout. Yoga seems much easier than it is. Many people view yoga as just stretching, but in reality it is a full body workout. Yoga helps build strength with just your body weight. It is a low impact exercise so almost anyone can do it. Yoga is good for people who might not be as active, or athletes alike. Yoga has a multitude of physical benefits including reduced risk for injury, increase flexibility, and help improve your posture. Some of the yoga positions can be quite demanding such as downward facing dog, the plank pose, as well as the half moon pose. All of the poses work your core, and helps strengthen multiple other parts of the body. The reason yoga is such a good workout is due to the amount of poses that work multiple parts of the body. Each pose may work up to 4 muscle groups at a time.

Whether you are a seasoned athlete or just looking for somewhere to start, yoga can be a major benefit to anyone’s lifestyle. Yoga has major physical benefits, when it comes to strength building. But there are also a lot of internal, mental benefits as well. Yoga is a low impact activity, that everyone should consider adding to their workout routine.